July 31, 2021

Organize Your Stash (of tools)

Tools organized in bags. Tool organization is the key.

The Fat Rancher recognizes that having the right doodads at the right time is key to land management nirvana. Tool organization seems a challenge at some times.

For example, in my UTV I keep a grubbing chain, tow cable, and ropes. But I never know when I might need to wrestle juniper around the ranch or pull the UTV out of the mud (I should have bought 4WD!).

Tools in UTV frunk
Tools organized in bags.

To keep these sundries organized in the frunk, I use the Bubba Duffle. Now, this is a shameless plug, as I commissioned the fabrication of these fine net bags myself to sell on Texas Redoubt. At the time, I just could not find an equivalent organizer for these ranch essentials.

The mesh fabric serves two purposes: First, it allows easy identification of the tools enclosed. Second, it avoids the trapping of fine dirt that typically accumulates in solid bags.

Photo of Texas Redoubt's Bubba Duffle bags to organize tools and accessories.

Mesh sides and a solid bottom enhance identification of the contents.

The Bubba Duffle is sold in a set of three bags for your tool organization pleasure: Large, medium, and small.

The Bubba Duffle is available at Amazon or on the Texas Redoubt website.