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David Carpenter Ranch Sales

I met David back in the early nineties when he called on me for electronic component sales for his company Mil-Rep.  As time went on, we both developed an interest in general aviation and swapped stories about our flying adventures.

Time passed, David sold his company, and then he started rehabilitating ranches in the Austin Texas area.

David is a true Texas “good ‘ol boy” and is as comfortable on a tractor as he is pitching semiconductors to a million dollar buyer.  He has an intuitive feel for the land he works, and is a vast resource for anyone interested in the ranch lifestyle.

David Carpenter Ranch Sales
Do You Know Your Chickens?

Jeremy Chartier lives chickens.  Seriously!

I became aware of Jeremy from reading some articles that he wrote for another website.  He has an in-depth knowledge of chickens, yes. But he also is quite conversant on other farm subjects.  

Definitely a go-to guy when it comes to farming basics.

Even though Jeremy hails from the North (Connecticut), I think we could make him an honorary Texan any day!  He certainly can teach this city boy a thing or two about farming.

Check out his newly relaunched website!
My Shameless Plug...

Texas Redoubt is my rural lifestyles product business.

On you can learn about products that would be handy to the rural landowner.

Check it out and drop me a line if you have any questions.
Archery Country

Ever thought of shooting a bow and arrow?  Is Archery hunting of interest to you?  If so, you should check out our friends at Austin’s Archery Country. 

Tyler and his team can get  you custom fitted, or simply let you try out bows in their indoor archery range.

Sign up for their newsletter and get early warning when the pro’s will be by to talk technique and technology.

Take me to Archery Country!
Still Life at Animal Art Taxidermy

Make your trophy hunt last a lifetime.

Tyler’s team can mount them: Air, land or sea.

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