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Kolpin UTV Saddle Storage Box

The Fat Rancher has lots of doodads rattling around in his UTV. So when he saw the Kolpin 4088 UTV Saddle Storage Box, naturally he was intrigued. The Kolpin Saddle Storage Box is a roto-molded storage container with a hasp latched lid. The design is made to hang over the […]

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DR Power TRM 875

DR Power Pro-XL

DR Power TRM 875 Meets Texas Hill Country The Fat Rancher’s motto? “Better living through power tools.”  DR Power knows the drill. So when it comes to taming the Texas Juniper (Juniperus ashei; AKA ashe juniper, post cedar, mountain cedar, blueberry juniper or *incorrectly* cedar), it’s time to pull out […]

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T-Box Deer Blind

Photo of T-Box Deer Blind

A Blind is a Blind The Fat Rancher isn’t a big hunter.  Well, he is big; just not much of a hunter… Regardless, one of the first “installations” at The Fat Rancher’s place was a deer blind.  Or is it a wildlife observation post?  I’ll confess I’m just as happy […]

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Wildlife Guzzler

Installed Wildlife Guzzler

Give Your Wildlife a Helping Hand With A Wildlife Guzzler As you may have heard, Texas has been struggling with drought the past few years.  Wildlife guzzlers (a supplemental water source for wildlife) are popular with the critters. While we were hopeful that the drought had broken last year, it’s […]

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