November 5, 2016

Tractor Tool Caddy

Husky tool holder on tractor.

Redneck Hack No. 2: The Tractor Tool Caddy

You are trundling to and fro on the back 20 and you notice your three-point needs adjustment.  Where are your tools?

It’s often I am out on the property that I find myself looking for something: Tool, sunscreen, phone battery booster, snake greeter…

Now, The Fat Rancher likes to think of himself as open to progressive ideas.  But he does draw the line at the man-purse.  And while there are no spots to mount a tool box on my Kubota, I have a need to tote.

Making a Tractor Tool Caddy

The solution? A manly tool pouch affixed to the tractor seat.  What I have here is a Husky Tool Wall from Home Depot, hanging from the tractor seat with a Husky 2 Inch Tool Belt .   I also added an aluminium carabiner to hang my tea-thermos from.

Husky tool holder on tractor becomes a tractor tool caddy.

Redneck Tractor Tool Caddy

This particular tool pouch is made to hang on a peg board.  If I were to do it again, I would use pouch designed to hang directly off a belt.  Sadly, Home Depot didn’t have one of these with the pocket configuration I wanted. So I had to attach the pouch to the belt with zip-ties.

Still, it makes a handy storage system for those “sundries” that are helpful out in the field.