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How-to and what-to-look-for when buying, managing or updating your land and improvements.

What is this and Why do you Care?

Bale Twine in the Pasture

Tractor repair is time-consuming and costly.  This sort of flotsam (which you might find in your pasture) will surely aggravate your trusty steed: Poly twine. This is the twine that is used to keep hay bales bundled up for transport.  It is strong and will not disintegrate over our lifetime (maybe […]

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Farm or Ranch?

Photo of tractor operator

Is it a Farm or a Ranch? Many use the terms farm and ranch interchangeably.  However, there are subtle differences.  Diana Eastman has a great article on just this subject on Both Farms and Ranches are typically comprised of large blocks of agricultural land.  However, “large” is relative.  Here […]

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T-Box Deer Blind

Photo of T-Box Deer Blind

A Blind is a Blind The Fat Rancher isn’t a big hunter.  Well, he is big; just not much of a hunter… Regardless, one of the first “installations” at The Fat Rancher’s place was a deer blind.  Or is it a wildlife observation post?  I’ll confess I’m just as happy […]

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Wildlife Guzzler

Installed Wildlife Guzzler

Give Your Wildlife a Helping Hand With A Wildlife Guzzler As you may have heard, Texas has been struggling with drought the past few years.  Wildlife guzzlers (a supplemental water source for wildlife) are popular with the critters. While we were hopeful that the drought had broken last year, it’s […]

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