What's on the Fat Rancher's Mind?

Bale Twine in the Pasture

What is this and Why do you Care?

Tractor repair is time consuming and costly.  This sort of flotsam (which you might find in your pasture) will surely aggravate your trusty steed: Poly twine. This is the twine that is used to keep hay bales bundled up for transport.  It is strong and will not disintegrate over our lifetime (maybe several).  This particular wad […]
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Fall 2018 is Here

Fall 2018 Fall at The Fat Rancher’s place brings many changes to the hobby ranch. Many of the songbirds and hummingbirds migrate and we await the return of the American Robin which usually grace our ranch during the winter.                   The tarantulas start moving around looking for […]
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Eight point buck

Thirsty Critters

This past month of 100+ degree days has depleted much of the ground water sources around the ranch. So, The Fat Rancher’s wildlife guzzler is getting plenty of use. Here are some photos of recent visits:             More pictures on The Fat Rancher’s Pinterest board here.
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Photo of tractor operator

Farm or Ranch?

Is it a Farm or a Ranch? Many use the terms farm and ranch interchangeably.  However, there are subtle differences.  Diana Eastman has a great article on just this subject on Both Farms and Ranches are typically comprised of large blocks of agricultural land.  However, “large” is relative.  Here in the Silicon Hills of […]
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The Fat Rancher's back pasture post shredding.

She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy…

She thinks my tractor’s sexy! She thinks my tractor’s sexy It really turns her on She’s always starin’ at me While I’m chuggin’ along…  Kenny Chesney When it comes shredding time for the pasture, The Fat Rancher always has this tune in mind.  The tune chugs along just like TFR’s rusty old Kubota tractor. This […]
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Lakos Twist II Clean

Update: Twist II Clean Sediment Filter

June 21, 2019 Update Well, the TwistIIClean filter was a great idea.  However, the execution is a bit off. The first issue we had was the red “Safety Latch” which is, in fact, not a safety latch at all.  This red latch is essential to the operation of the filter backflush.  You see, ordinary water […]
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