What's on the Fat Rancher's Mind?

Installed Wildlife Guzzler

A Wildlife Guzzler Gives Your Wildlife a Helping Hand

The drought has returned to our neck of the world making supplemental water sources important.  Interestingly, the drought boundaries are pretty granular, weaving this way and that.  As it happens, The Fat Rancher’s ranch is in an area defined as “Moderate Drought.” A wildlife guzzler is (a supplemental water source for wildlife) are not only […]
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Xislet 2020 UTV Rear View Mirror Review

Now, The Fat Rancher likes to tell his daughter that he has eyes in the back of his head.  But we both know that’s not true.  He needs every crutch he can get to keep from careening about recklessly.  Wreck-it Ralph comes to mind on when on the track loader. So when TFR scraped the […]
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Bale Twine in the Pasture

What is this and Why do you Care?

Tractor repair is time consuming and costly.  This sort of flotsam (which you might find in your pasture) will surely aggravate your trusty steed: Poly twine. This is the twine that is used to keep hay bales bundled up for transport.  It is strong and will not disintegrate over our lifetime (maybe several).  This particular wad […]
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Fall 2018 is Here

Fall 2018 Fall at The Fat Rancher’s place brings many changes to the hobby ranch. Many of the songbirds and hummingbirds migrate and we await the return of the American Robin which usually grace our ranch during the winter.                   The tarantulas start moving around looking for […]
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