What's on the Fat Rancher's Mind?

Warm Yourself Twice with the Harbor Freight Log Splitter

Harbor Freight Log Splitter “He who chops his own wood warms himself twice.” Words of wisdom from my grandfather Ralph. Yeah, my daughter snickers at this saying too. But only because she doesn’t split the firewood… It may be hard to believe, but it does get cold in Texas.  Just not very often or for […]
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Kebtek Pruner in action

Kebtek Battery Powered Pruner

You may ask yourself, “Why does The Fat Rancher need a pruner?” Well, that’s because he has to beat back Juniper seedlings on a regular basis. And the Kebtek Battery Powered Pruner has turned out to be the perfect tool to keep those “cedars” at bay. Part of my wildlife management plan includes managing invasive […]
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Multiuse trailer hitch and magnetic hitch pin.

Trailer Accessories

Our Kawasaki Mule, often thought of as a convenience, is actually an essential item on the ranch. Trailer accessories add to this utility. In addition to providing transport on unimproved roads and pastures, it has proved invaluable in the workday tasks on the ranch. Specifically, hauling and moving equipment. I’ve written about the Polar HD […]
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Welding fence panels onto a post

Homestead Fencing Tips Part II

Now you've received one or more bids for your homestead fencing. The pricing might take you back a bit. The dream you thought you could afford just became unaffordable.
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Ranch fence along pasture

Farm and Ranch Fencing Tips Part I

Whether it's existing ranch and farm fencing on a property you are considering buying, fencing the perimeter of a new property, or cross-fencing your interior, there are some constructive perspectives and information that will help you with making fencing decisions for your ranching adventure.
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