March 19, 2021

Kolpin UTV Saddle Storage Box

The Fat Rancher has lots of doodads rattling around in his UTV. So when he saw the Kolpin 4088 UTV Saddle Storage Box, naturally he was intrigued.

A typical day on the ranch for the Mule.

The Kolpin Saddle Storage Box is a roto-molded storage container with a hasp latched lid. The design is made to hang over the fender of your UTV. The body of the box has a generous lip which the lid fits over to keep the rain out of the box. A piano hinge is opposite of the two hasps with loops for a padlock.

Photo Courtesy Kolpin
Photo Courtesy Kolpin

Keeping the keeper tools stashed

While there are a bunch of items that may be loaded daily for a specific task, some things are kept in the Mule all the time. These include tow bars, poison ivy herbicide, chain saw tool and oil, tow ropes, and the like. Since the frunk is used for chain saw blades and safety gear, having a rear catch-all is helpful. And it makes TFR look organized!


In practice, our Mule bed side is concave, which would have made the box. So The Fat Rancher opted to mount the Kolpin storage box with the hasps oriented inward. This was accomplished with a couple of machine screws and nuts.

Concave side of the bed did not align with the box side.
This configuration allowed a more secure installation.

The finished product has been most handy for keeping tools at-hand and free from rattling around in the bed.

After photograph!

I purchased the Kolpin 4088 UTV Saddle Storage from Amazon for $93. While it is no longer offered on Amazon, a quick google search revealed several other sources for this storage box. The Kolpin store can be found here. I’ve been using this box for over a year now with good results.