March 6, 2018

2018 Spring has Sprung

White Tail deer on the alert.

It’s All About the Critters

While The Fat Rancher likes that colder weather so he can burn up some of the accumulated firewood, Spring is fun to watch come about.  The Spring wildlife have emerged to prepare for the summer.

Cedar Wax Wings have joined the American Robins before their trek to wherever robins spend their summers.

The Rio Grande Turkeys are strutting their stuff about the ranch, and Thanksgiving is nowhere in site!

New drifts of pigs have appeared.  They apparently don’t know that The Fat Rancher is Yosemite Sam incarnate…  And the neighborhood hawk is looking for a tasty Meadow Vole.

The whitetail bucks are back in herds.  They’ll lose their antlers soon, and TFR will be out looking for those 8-pointers I’ve been watching all winter.

  Even the Redbud is happy…

…and the songbirds too.  They especially like our new wildlife guzzler which insures that a drink of water is handy.

Does drinking from a ranch water supply

Does enjoy a drink from the new wildlife guzzler

>>Thanks to my lovely wife for taking many of these great photos.<<

Have a good Spring!


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