Fall 2018 is Here


Fall 2018 Fall at The Fat Rancher’s place brings many changes to the hobby ranch. Many of the songbirds and hummingbirds migrate and we await the return of the American Robin which usually grace our ranch during the winter.                   The tarantulas […]

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Thirsty Critters

Eight point buck

This past month of 100+ degree days has depleted much of the ground water sources around the ranch. So, The Fat Rancher’s wildlife guzzler is getting plenty of use. Here are some photos of recent visits:             More pictures on The Fat Rancher’s Pinterest board here.

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2018 Spring has Sprung

White Tail deer on the alert.

It’s All About the Critters While The Fat Rancher likes that colder weather so he can burn up some of the accumulated firewood, Spring is fun to watch come about.  The Spring wildlife have emerged to prepare for the summer. Cedar Wax Wings have joined the American Robins before their […]

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