July 22, 2020

Xislet 2020 UTV Rear View Mirror Review

Now, The Fat Rancher likes to tell his daughter that he has eyes in the back of his head.  But we both know that’s not true.  He needs every crutch he can get to keep from careening about recklessly.  Wreck-it Ralph comes to mind on when on the track loader.

So when TFR scraped the rear view mirror off his Mule last year, visions of replacement mirrors began even before my daughter’s laughter died.

Recently I purchased and installed the Xislet 2020 UTV Rear View Mirror from Amazon to install on our Kawasaki Mule (2009 KAF620P).  I can’t say enough about the quality, fit and finish of this product.

Xislet 2020 rear view mirror  components.  Photo credit: Xislet.

The mirror mounts in a headliner position on the top roll bar with two brackets.  This means it won’t need to take much abuse.  It’s going to take a lot more to scrape this mirror off the Mule! 

From a construction standpoint, this rear view mirror is top-notch.  The brackets are made from machined aluminum, rubber channel insulators and are designed for 1.75″ roll bars (a 2″ model is also available).  The thumb screws are oversized and mount with rubber washers to fully secure the aim of the mirror.  They even include an Allen wrench for the cap screws.

Unpacking the Xislet 2020 rear view mirror kit.
Everything you need is here. The electrical connector is a seat belt bypass for Polaris.
Don’t need that.
Mounting bracket closeup. Photo credit Xislet.

The mirror itself is “panoramic.”  That is, it is convex for a wider view.  The actual rear view mirror made of glass and the housing frame is aluminum alloy.

Xislet 2020 rear view mirror mounted from the rear.
This model fit perfectly on the Mule roll bar. Note the gaskets on both mounting points to minimize “walk.”
Pilot's view of the rear view mirror.
The convex shape is great for getting a wide view in back of you.

The Xislet 2020 rear view mirror is outstanding in construction quality and utility. Make sure you order the right version for the size of the roll bar your UTV has.

In another post I’ll show you how I installed a rear view mirror in the track loader.