July 22, 2020

WORLD MALL Universal Golf Cart Rear View Mirror

While I was in a “rearview mirror state of mind,” I purchased the World Mall 10L0L Universal Golf Cart Rear View Mirror for the Kubota SVL95-2S track loader from Amazon.  Amazingly, these loaders don’t come with a mirror.  I say amazingly, as the SVL95 operating in reverse would crush most compact cars. 

Can you say “Wreck-it Ralph?”

World Mall Golf Cart Rear View Mirror. Photo Credit: World Mall.

Anyhow, I chose the WORLD MALL Universal Golf Cart Rear View Mirror for this application.  Like the Xislet 2020 above, this mirror is also convex.  The Mirror cleanly mounts with two “L” brackets more suitable for the track loader.

Photo of 3M double sided adhesive pad.
3M 300LSE Adhesive Pad

Instead of drilling holes in the Kubota headache bar, I used 3M industrial two sided tape to install the bracket (after cleaning the surfaces with acetone).  This actually worked great as the World Mall mirror is light weight and the 3M tape is awesome.  Total install time? About 5 minutes.

Now The Fat Rancher can see the terror in peoples eyes as he pirouettes  the track loader in reverse!

Photo of mirror installed in track loader.
Lookout behind!
Photo of mirror from outside of track loader cage.

While not as high quality as the Xislet, the World Mall Universal Golf Cart Rear View Mirror works perfectly in this application. The lightweight and wide smooth brackets work perfectly with the double-sided pads for a solid installation.