February 23, 2018

Polar HD 1500TA Utility Trailer

Polar Trailer Action Photo

If You Have A Ranch, You Have Stuff to Haul

If you have any acreage at all, your going to be busy cleaning up fence lines, felled trees and maybe even moving firewood.  A utility trailer is a must.

After the purchase of my Mule, the next buy was a trailer for hauling around the property.

I looked at several products, but I wanted one that wasn’t going to fall apart in a year or two, and something that could take a few knocks.  I settled on the Polar Tandem Axle HD 1500TA Utility Trailer from Amazon ($759.99).

Photo of Polar Trailer

Polar Tandem Axlle HD 1500TA Utility Trailer

Polar Trailer Action Photo

Polar Utility Trailer in Action

This product is unique in that it has a high strength poly tub (bed), a wide wheel base and a tilt feature which makes single-man use simpler.  It comes standard with a pin hitch which works fine with a lightweight trailer hitch tongue. Dimensions are  72in L x 40in W x 18in H, and capacity is 22 Cu. Ft. and 1500 lbs.

One accessory you do want is the Polar Sport Side Rail Extension Kit for Series 1500 Polar Trailer — Model# 8272 .  These powder coated side/front rails greatly increase the capacity of the trailer.  I wouldn’t buy this trailer without them.  These are also available from Amazon ($109.00).


Assembly of the Polar Utility Trailer is straightforward: Everything comes packed in the tub.  The frame must be bolted together and wheel/axle assembly completed.  Then the tub is attached to the frame, and the side rails to the tub.

There were no issues completing the work.  The only issue I had was that the circlips holding the wheel bearings in place weren’t fully seated.

Photo of Polar side rails

Polar Trailer Side Rails

In all, this trailer has been a great help in moving juniper cuttings to the burn pile, split logs to the house, and tools along the fence line.

The only quibbles I have with the product are that the tilt release latch seems a bit flimsy (though I have had no issues yet).  Also, the tow point on the trailer is far enough aft that when you tilt the tub to dump and pull the trailer forward to empty it, it has a tendency for the dual axles to skew (jacknife).  Once it’s empty, its easy enough to rotate back and latch. It’s just a little annoying.

The Polar Dual Axle Utility trailer is not cheap. But it looks like it will last a while around the ranch and has been very handy so far.

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