August 13, 2017

TAMU Beef Cattle Short Course 2017

Texas A&M Beef Cattle Short Course 2017

The 2017 Texas A&M Beef Cattle Short Course 2017 is history now, and Bryan Texas is in the rear view mirror (literally).

As we pulled our travel trailer back to Liberty Hill, I reflected upon what I got out of the two and a half days I spent at the Rudder complex at TAMU.

I have to say, if you told me four years ago that I would spend several days with people darn near obsessed with cows, I would have laughed.  Yet, there we were. A few of us city folk and newbies among throngs of ranchers:  Young and old, black, brown and white, from big to small cattle operations.  What were we doing? Listening to experts discuss genetic traits, forage growth tactics, ultrasound diagnostics.  Learning about data management, testicle circumference, in-vitro and artificial insemination, fence building, equipment, business and marketing.

Fence installation clinic

Attendees at the fence clinic learn installation technique.

Around 1400 attendees descend upon Texas A&M for each BCSC.  One thing that became obvious early on was the love these people had for their land, animals, nature and freedom.   I struck up conversation with several folks to hear about their businesses and avocations.  The one thing they all had in common was their love of their rural lifestyle.

There were full-time pros among the attendees.  But I got the idea that many ranchers had “day jobs” that provided them with the financial security to invest in their land and operations.  A buddy of mine once told me: If I had five million dollars, I would ranch until it was all gone!  For some that might be true.

What You’ll See

Truly, the event was well worth the $180 registration.  My thanks go out to TAMU Agrilife Extension along with the many sponsors and exhibitors which make this event affordable and informative.

For the land manager interested in raising beef cattle for consumption, profit or show, this two and a half day event in College Station is well worth the effort.  I’m still digesting what I learned and formulating a business plan with what I learned.  I’ll share more here at my thoughts progress.

Happy August!  And may you be blessed with reasonable amounts of rainfall and a cool respite once in a while.

Hat Parking

What more can you say?


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