February 23, 2018

Great Fences Make Great Neighbors

Five Strands Book Cover

Great Fences Make Great Neighbors

Another of my favorite trite (but true) phrases!

But any landowner knows that fences can make or break an operation.

I want to do another post on fences in general.  But right here I would like to share a great resource (at least for Texas landowners).  It’s called Five Strands-A Landowner’s Guide to Fences in Texas.

Five Strands Book Cover

Five Strands: A Landowner’s Guide to Fence Law in Texas

This handbook is from our knowledgeable friends at Texas A&M Agrilife Extension and Bradbury PLLC.  In it, authors   Tiffany D. Lashmet, James D. Bradbury, and Kyle K. Weldon explain in layman’s terms fence law in Texas.  And, even though the focus is Texas, there are some nice tidbits for everyone else too.

From the TAMU Agrilife description: “This handbook was written in terms that “normal people” (as opposed to lawyers) can understand and is designed as a resource that can be thrown on the dash of a pick up along with a ranchers’ other important documents.  Our goal was to help answer common questions related to fence law that come up frequently for Texas landowners and livestock producers.”  

Plus, it has some great photos of fences.  Really!

Thanks to TAMU Agrilife for a great resource.


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