July 24, 2018

Farm or Ranch?

Photo of tractor operator

Is it a Farm or a Ranch?

Many use the terms farm and ranch interchangeably.  However, there are subtle differences.  Diana Eastman has a great article on just this subject on

Both Farms and Ranches are typically comprised of large blocks of agricultural land.  However, “large” is relative.  Here in the Silicon Hills of Central Texas, 50 acres might be considered large.  Particularly if you come from the postage stamp property of the city.

The Fat Rancher prefers to think of his little slice of heaven as a “ranchette.”  While that doesn’t sound too manly, it’s a pretty good description of our 47 acre spread.

According to Ms. Eastman, all ranches are farms.  And these farms may have a focus upon one plant or animal.  Still, the farm may have a variety of other animals to enhance profitability or supply the ranch (think goats, chickens, pigs).

Photo of pasture.

Pre-cultivation photo of The Fat Rancher’s back pasture. This year we were blessed with ample rain to fill the tank.

A ranch typically a farm that focuses upon animals like grazing livestock.  The Fat Rancher is rehabbing his spread to raise Wagyu beef.  While these renovations are in process, the pastures are cultivated with Hay Grazer and leased out to other ranchers.

Passive Investment?

As Ms. Eastman notes, ranches and farms are not passive investments.  The Fat Rancher can attest to the constant work “guiding” nature in the right direction: Clearing Junipers so that the Live Oak can prosper during this drought; Repairing and rehabbing fences.

Photo of cultivated pasture.

Hay Grazer coming up at about a month.

Whether you call it a farm or ranch. The Fat Rancher likes to think of it as a exercise in exercise.  Though he won’t be changing his moniker anytime soon.  And he does admit to a certain relaxation that comes with tractoring back and forth for hours listening to Rush and Disturbed, with a little Lone Star mixed in.


Looking out over a growing field is quite rewarding to this technology refugee.

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