Redneck Hack

Ideas I consider clever to improve performance or save money.

Redneck Gate Opener

Redneck Hack No. 1: The Redneck Gate Opener The Fat Rancher isn’t lazy.  No siree. But he does believe in saving wear and tear on his truck and knees.  So finding a solution to open the gate at “el rancho” from inside the truck was a challenge in search of […]

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Tractor Tool Caddy

Husky tool holder on tractor.

Redneck Hack No. 2: The Tractor Tool Caddy You are trundling to and fro on the back 20 and you notice your three-point needs adjustment.  Where are your tools? It’s often I am out on the property that I find myself looking for something: Tool, sunscreen, phone battery booster, snake greeter… […]

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